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Physical Therapy Orange County - Ann Steinfeld is an independent physical therapist in Orange County, CA. and she has owned her clinic which was established in 2001. Her physical therapy office is in Costa Mesa, California.

We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest quality of care in an energetic, positive, ethical environment. We aim to provide unprecedented value oriented, customer service to our patients, physicians and their staff. We work with the leading physicians in the Orange County and LA county areas. We provide a comprehensive physical therapist team approach to manage your care. We achieve our goal daily by following concepts unique to our clinic:

To Our Patients
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Immediate Scheduling:
Each patient referral can be scheduled for an initial evaluation within 1-2 days. We will look into your insurance benefits for you prior to your initial visit.

Continuity of Care:
Each patient will be assigned to one of our therapists and will continue to see them throughout their treatment in our facility. This helps to maximize therapy sessions and continuity of care.

Quality Treatment:
Our licensed physical therapists treat their patients individually for 30-45 minutes one-on-one. Visits average 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on your injury and phase of rehab. We focus on the cause of your condition and don't just treat symptoms. We pride ourselves on successful outcomes. If we don't have the solution, we will work with your physician to determine how to find the cause of your pain/limitations. We are skilled manual therapists and will design a program consisting of hands on manual techniques and exercises designed specifically for your problem. We aim to provide the most efficient treatment to help you reach your goals quickly.

Evidence Based Practice:
We use outcome studies to determine the effectiveness of our care. Our staff attends continuing education seminars to keep up with the latest concepts in rehab. We also provide newsletters to patients and doctors with information on current research related to the field of Physical Therapy.

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