July 25, 2016

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Leading Orange County Physical Therapy Clinic Provides Preventive and Rehab Programs to Keep Athletes on the Field and on the Court

COSTA MESA, CA - July 25, 2016, – With the 2016-2017 academic school year fast approaching and sports teams gearing up for a new season, coaches prepare athletes not only to ensure top performance but also physical resilience to injuries. Yet, a quick change in direction on the soccer field or a shaky landing following an explosive jump on the basketball court can spell trouble for the anterior cruciate ligament (ACL). For 15 years, Ann Steinfeld Physical Therapy - a leading Orange County, Calif. physical therapy practice specializing in sports medicine, orthopedics, geriatrics and neurology – has been helping athletes, as well as their coaches and parents, avoid the physical, emotional and economic toll of such an injury by providing top preventive physical therapy regimens that reduce ACL injury risk.

"Each year in the United States, up to 250,000 ACL injuries occur," says Ann Steinfeld, the clinic's founder and CEO. "It's a serious predicament and one that can result in the need for reconstructive surgery. Beside the possibility of having to sit out for the rest of the season, an ACL injury can put an athlete at the collegiate level in jeopardy of losing a scholarship."

 According to the Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy, statistics show the prevalence of ACL injuries has surged in recent years alongside a spike in youth sports participation. In addition to some 460,000 National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) student athletes who compete in 23 sports annually, 36 million kids (aged 5 to 18 years) play organized sports each year. The chances of tearing an ACL are good, particularly among young female athletes who sustain ACL injuries on average nearly 10 times more often than males and young athletes who specialize in a single sport at an early age.

Contrary to popular belief, three-quarters of all ACL tears are non-contact injuries, occurring when an athlete cuts, decelerates or jumps. Sports including basketball, soccer, volleyball and football, and activities that involve jumping and landing, open field running and cutting or deceleration moves put athletes at a higher risk of ACL injury. Why are these routine moves so harmful? The biggest culprit is often muscle imbalance.

Many think of physical therapists when it comes to treating ACL injuries, but the latest research shows a need for the rehab professionals to play an even bigger role in prevention. An American Journal of Sports Medicine study concluded that incidents of ACL injury drop by about 50% at the hands of neuromuscular and educational interventions led by physical therapists, particularly those who specialize in sports medicine. Trained to develop an individually tailored program based on an assessment of the athlete's functional deficits in motion, strength and control, these programs address strength, flexibility and coordination, and correct existing movement patterns that may be damaging to joints.

"These days, most youth play at least one sport, whether it's soccer, volleyball or basketball," Steinfeld adds. "As their muscles develop and skills become finely tuned, a solid physical therapy prevention program can reduce their risks of ACL injuries or, if they do occur, reduce the time it takes before they are back in the game. It's our goal at Ann Steinfeld Physical Therapy to impart long-lasting preventive solutions to ensure optimal health for the present and well into the future."

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