Golf Fitness

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Improve Your Game

Interested in taking your golf game to the next level? Using the golf fitness screening developed by Titleist Performance Institute, our Certified Golf Fitness Instructor will thoroughly evaluate your flexibility, strength and balance and determine what limitations are impacting your golf swing. This is the same screening process used by PGA and LPGA touring professionals to identify weaknesses and swing faults.

Based on your evaluation findings, you will receive an individualized, golf-specific fitness program designed to correct any imbalances or limitations allowing you to avoid injury while improving your endurance, club speed and driving.

Our Pricing

  • Golf Fitness Screen and 6-week home conditioning program (online): $150
  • Golf Fitness Screen and 6-week home conditioning program with reassessment: $200
  • Golf Fitness Screen and 6-week home conditioning, video analysis with follow-up session: $300
  • Six one-on-one conditioning sessions with a Golf Fitness Professional: $500
  • Additional one-hour appointments/reassessments: $75