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Welcome to Ann Steinfeld Physical Therapy in Costa Mesa, CA

Physical Therapy Orange County – Ann Steinfeld is an independent physical therapist in Orange County, CA and she is the owner of the clinic which was established in 2001. Her physical therapy office is in Costa Mesa, California. We pride ourselves on maintaining the highest quality of care in an energetic, positive, ethical environment. We aim to provide unprecedented value oriented, customer service to our patients, physicians and their staff. We work with the leading physicians in the Orange County and LA county areas. We provide a comprehensive physical therapist team approach to manage your care. We achieve our goal daily by following concepts unique to our clinic:

Immediate Scheduling:

Each patient referral can be scheduled for an initial evaluation within 1-2 days. We will look into your insurance benefits for you prior to your initial visit.

Continuity of Care:

Each patient will be assigned to one of our therapists and will continue to see them throughout their treatment in our facility. This helps to maximize therapy sessions and continuity of care.

Quality Treatment:

Our licensed physical therapists treat their patients individually for 30-45 minutes one-on-one. Visits average 45 minutes to 1 hour depending on your injury and phase of rehab. We focus on the cause of your condition and don’t just treat symptoms. We pride ourselves on successful outcomes. If we don’t have the solution, we will work with your physician to determine how to find the cause of your pain/limitations. We are skilled manual therapists and will design a program consisting of hands on manual techniques and exercises designed specifically for your problem. We aim to provide the most efficient treatment to help you reach your goals quickly.

Evidence Based Practice:

We use outcome studies to determine the effectiveness of our care. Our staff attends continuing education seminars to keep up with the latest concepts in rehab. We also provide newsletters to patients and doctors with information on current research related to the field of Physical Therapy. Call Our Hotline Today (714) 599-8608

To Our Patients

Information about a New California Law – Direct Access to a Physical Therapist You Now Have Greater Choice with Your Health Care

Direct Access to Physical Therapy is Here!

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If you are concerned about your insurance, please contact us regarding our cash programs.

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Ann Steinfeld Physical Therapy now offers Massage by Rafael.

Rafael is a state certified Massage Therapist who specializes in a variety of soothing and relaxing massages.

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Success Stories
  • ...Thanks to Ann and her well trained staff, the outcome in all cases was extremely positive. Their advice on how to care for ourselves at home was a big plus. Ann's vast knowledge and professionalism make her a true credit to her field. We highly recommend her facility to anyone needing physical rehabilitation.…

    Dan & Marian N.

  • ...I recently completed physical therapy with Ann Steinfeld and her staff, (Eden was my therapist). I had a wonderful experience.....a positive, nurturing environment. Very knowledgeable, professional and one on one individual attention with the therapist If you want the BEST of the BEST, go to Ann Steinfeld and Associates. 5 Stars!!!!!…

    Carolyn B.

  • I came in with lots of pain, discomfort, and issues. Edan and the team took me from that initial state, to a place now where I have nearly no pain and I’m active again. I’m truly grateful for what the team has done.…

    Wilson R.

  • ...I am fortunate that I did not have to get an injection which would have been my next step if physical therapy didn’t work for me. Thanks to all the staff in the office who were helpful.…

    Divina P.

  • I came to Anne Steinfeld after Hip Replacement Surgery. It was the week after surgery and I could barely walk ½ a block, no driving and need help with all daily care. But after 11 weeks, I am returning to full duty work as a nurse.This place is amazing! The staff was very knowledgeable and kind!…

    Gail K.

  • I chose Ann Steinfeld over other PTs for a more personal experience with a comfortable atmosphere. Ann and Edan quickly solved my lower back pain and tackled a long standing issue with my shoulder. I’m leaving feeling strong than ever - without surgery! Thanks for everything!…

    Torin D.

  • ...I​was also​walking​better​and​having​less​pain.​I​will​continue​the​exercises​twice daily​because​I​can​see​how​necessary​and​wonderful​it​is.​Now​I​am walking​with​no​cane​and​standing​up​tall.​Blessings​to​Ann​every​step​of th ​way - ​Namaste. …

    Barbara K.

  • I tore the capsule in my ankle playing soccer a few months back. After one month of physical therapy here I already feel like I can step back on the pitch. This place has gotten me back on my feet once again. I am ready for my last collegiate season!…

    Gianna G.

  • ...I’ve been able to sleep throughout the nights without discomfort. I’ll definitely continue the exercises I’ve been taught here to continue to keep my back strong as well as my core. Thank you to the team! …

    Peter S.

  • ...All of the staff is very friendly and caring for my physical well-being. If I ever get injured again, I will be coming back.…

    David M.

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