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Ann Steinfeld would like to welcome
Pilates With Cherie

We would like to welcome our new Pilates instructor, Cherie Adame, to the Ann Steinfeld team. She is a BASI graduate with her comprehensive equipment and mat certification in Rael Isacowitz's Body Arts and Science International program. In 2011, she added her certification for Pre/Post Natal Pilates.

Cherie's bubbly personality makes her a great fit for clients of all ages. She will be happy to guide you through your fitness and health lifestyle goals. She hopes to provide a more balanced body, healthy mind and happy spirit. The benefits of Pilates will aide in strength, posture, rehabilitation and flexibility. Focus on your core and work from the inside out. Come in for a visit today.

What is Pilates?

German-born Joseph H. Pilates served as an internment nurse in World War I rehabilitating the immobilized patients. It was this work, which inspired the creation of the machines and system of exercise that he is famous for today. He used springs from the hospital beds to provide resistance for strengthening the body. Despite its recent popularity, Pilates has been recognized by dancers as an important part of their training program for years. Under the care of a licensed professional, Pilates can be an effective form of rehabilitation.

Pilates is a method of physical and mental conditioning which re-educates the body to promote proper alignment, efficient movement patterns and prevent injury. The work is designed to simultaneously stretch and strengthen while reducing tension and strain. A wide variety of exercises are performed on specially designed resistance equipment, emphasizing quality of movement, not quantity. When practiced regularly, the Pilates method will balance the body to increase physical fitness, enhance sports performance, relieve back and neck pain or simply improve the function and quality of daily living. However, it is the mind-body connection that truly makes it unique.

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