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Sara O.

Testimonial for Ann Steinfeld Physical Therapy from Sara O., who broke her collar bone in 2010 and had not done anything about it. As a result of this injury, Sara now suffers from thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS), a condition that can affect one or more of the nerves that innervate the upper limb and/or blood vessels as they pass between the chest and upper extremity. She was is in chronic pain and thought her condition was hopeless. A friend referred her to Ann Steinfeld Physical Therapy. Since then, she has regained muscle strength and is no longer in so much pain.

Connie N.

Testimonial for Ann Steinfeld Physical Therapy from Connie N., who has done therapy at Ann Steinfeld Physical Therapy at least five different times and had just finished her 18th treatment session for her spine. She always requests Ann Steinfeld when she goes to her doctor and they ask here where she wants to go for physical therapy.

Lois R.

Testimonial for Ann Steinfeld Physical Therapy from Lois R., a post-operative patient who had five tears in her rotator cuff, the tendons and muscles that support, stabilize and allow the arm to move up and down, as well as rotate. She had previously tried physical therapy to avoid the operation and did not get the personal hands-on care that she received at Ann Steinfeld Physical Therapy. As a result of her treatment at Ann Steinfeld Physical Therapy, she is now back to playing tennis, doing yoga and she now goes to a gym.

Paul B.

Video testimonial for Ann Steinfeld Physical Therapy from Paul B., a patient involved in a motorcycle accident who was in a hospital. Then, he subsequently had inadequate rehab for two weeks and home health care services that did not help him recover. He started therapy in a wheelchair and came out of therapy on crutches after having gained a great deal of strength and mobility.

Lisa T.

Video testimonial for Ann Steinfeld Physical Therapy from Lisa T., a patient who had a botched knee surgery in 2012. She had been through several physical therapists who did not help. So, she went to a different doctor who recommended Ann Steinfeld, calling her his “go-to” person. Ann was the 5th therapist, Lisa visited after continuing to get progressively worse and worse. Lisa credits Ann Steinfeld’s hands-on approach to physical therapy treatment and her personalized care as what helped her finally get better.

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